Introducing The Oxford Frame Loom!

The Oxford Frame Loom

Introducing The Oxford Frame Loom

When we last caught up I was just warming up to the idea that I would soon be permitted to re-open the studio. While this seemed such a long way off, I am delighted to share that over the last few months have been very productive and I have been preparing for a full resumption of my weaving workshops, studio visits and all things things relating to the studio!

And while I have been waiting to re-open fully, I have been in full on design mode. I have been designing and weaving a new collection behind the scenes (more on this later in the month), but I have also been designing a brand new frame loom that I am very excited about!

The Oxford Frame Loom is a newly designed frame loom that will help me to teach some really exciting new weaving projects over at The Oxford Weaving Studio! The unique loom design enables those new to weaving to try out some exciting new techniques and enables uni students & graduate weavers an accessible loom to practice their craft. With The Oxford Frame Loom students can weave longer projects, wider projects, more complex projects, multiple projects at once... The loom has so many unique features that it will really help and support weavers of all abilities to discover their style of weaving!

The Oxford Frame Loom with Cassandra Smith The Oxford Frame Loom Flat Lay The Oxford Frame Loom Longer Warp The Oxford Frame Loom Adjustable Heddle Bar The Oxford Frame Loom Scarf The Oxford Frame Loom Double Sided Heddle Bar The Oxford Frame Loom Weaving Comb The Oxford Frame Loom Disassembled

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you'll recognise that teaching weaving and growing the community around The Oxford Weaving Studio has been an important part of my personal development. I love my craft and sharing my knowledge and experiences as a weaver is an important part of my creative development.

With that, I leave you to discover The Oxford Frame Loom and the other developments at The Oxford Weaving Studio by heading over to my community website where you can see all the products and services I offer to help others learn to weave. And if you find yourself interested in giving weaving a try (or know someone who might!), I am teaching a whole host of new workshops this Spring/Summer as I open up the studio. 

Hope to see you soon!