Contemporary Wall-Hangings

Our handwoven wall-hangings are a contemporary take on traditional tapestry. Working with wool roving, soft, cotton cord and metal rings, we have combined macrame and weaving techniques to create 'macraweave' wall-hangings.
Approaching each wall-hanging from a weaving perspective, our loom was first set up with a chunky Kilcarra tweed. We then built up each row of the background cloth with a blend of Kilcarra tweed and cotton to create a visually rich backdrop for the thicker material to be introduced.

This contemporary approach to weaving is a consistent them in our work. We love to incorporate different fibre craft techniques into our woven designs for a unique look.
To commission an artwork similar to what we have created, get in touch and we will be happy to discuss how we can blend your preferred colours with a size and design of your choice.