Handweaving Classes

In our handweaving classes & workshops, we introduce students to the intricacies of weaving. Understanding the equipment, tools, materials and processes to create handwoven textiles is both a science and an art. With focus and attention, it is possible to quickly progress from warp to finished piece in a matter of hours.

In the 4 hour workshop, you are introduced to the Hand Loom. This loom differs from the Tapestry Loom as it is mechanical, thereby speeding up the process of creating textiles. Once the process of setting up the warp is explained, you will dress the loom with our guidance. You will then learn how patterns are created, choose your yarns from our large selection of materials and then proceed to weave your very own piece of fabric! You will complete enough fabric in this session to create a cushion or table mat.

In the 8 hour class you will learn all the fundamentals of weaving. From winding the warp, dressing the loom, threading the heddles, reeding and tying on the warp to planning the warp set up, designing patterns and weaving with a variety of materials. You will carry out each of these steps with our guidance and be given notes to take home. In this class you should weave enough fabric to create a scarf.