Brittany Throw | "Ripples" | Multicoloured & Green & Pink

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This warm, light and incredibly soft One-of-a-Kind throw has been carefully handwoven in our Oxford studio using only the finest materials. Inspired by the ripples in the sand, patterns of seashells, colours at sunrise and the textures of seaweed along the Brittany coastline, each handwoven piece has its own unique colour, texture, pattern and finish.

Our 'Ripples' throw is 100% handwoven in a slow but precise pattern evoking images of ripples in the sand. Combining weaving and felting techniques and materials, we mix merino wool and cotton yarns together to add depth, hand feed 20m lengths of wool roving through the warp to add texture, hand wash the finished piece to help felt the wool for stability followed by a blanket stitch in a contrasting colour for a finished look. Each step in our process reflects our commitment to craftsmanship and time-honoured weaving traditions. We also believe in sourcing all our materials from within the UK to minimise our carbon footprint and use natural fibres whenever possible as we aim to cultivate a more sustainable practice.

Please Note: Our One-of-a-Kind products have been handwoven with a distinct pattern and colour way that will not be repeated. These are original products, often with limited edition yarns, colours or designs that will not be repeated.

Materials: 90% Premium Merino Wool & 10% Natural Cotton

Colour: Multicoloured with Natural Finishing

Size: Approx. 95cm x 150cm

Product Care Guidelines

NOTE: In addition to the current collection of handwoven Brittany cushions, throws and scarves, we offer clients the opportunity to commission their own handwoven pieces using their own unique combination of colours and finishes. Please visit our Commissions or contact page for enquiries.