Tapestry Weaving Classes

Learning to weave on a tapestry frame is the first step in learning to weave. This 'freestyle' way of weaving is done by hand, with each row built up according to the students design.  The basics of the warp and weft are demystified and students can apply this knowledge immediately using a variety of beautiful and fun yarns and materials. We encourage experimentation and individuality and above all, fun!

We currently offer 2 beginner classes:

The classes are in a 2 hour or 4 hour format. In the 2 hour workshop you weave on your very own solid beech Tapestry Loom. We set up the warp for you in advance so you can begin weaving once you have learned the basics. As we encourage you to experiment, we don't expect all of you to complete your project in this session. Instead, you can take your loom home, along with the materials you are working with, to complete it at your leisure.

The 4 hour class follows a similar format as the 2 hour class, however we aim to cover more techniques, introduce more materials and provide worksheets for you to follow at home. You will aim to complete your project within the timeframe, however if you still need time, your solid beech Tapestry Loom and required materials are yours to bring home at the end of the day. We also aim to give you a brief introduction on our Hand Looms if time allows.

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