Private Weaving Workshops

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Private Workshop: Introduction to Handweaving

Skill Level: Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Weavers

Learn to weave using the equipment, tools, materials and processes necessary to create handwoven textiles in our one-to-one, Private Introduction to Handweaving workshops. These workshops offer students a rare opportunity to learn how to weave from experienced, highly-acclaimed weavers working in the field of contemporary weaving.

In the Level 1: Intro to Handweaving- Private Workshop, workshop students will learn the fundamentals of handweaving. Depending on their aspirations, they may choose to create their own bespoke woven cloth with our guidance or perhaps they wish to learn how to weave independently on a handloom. Regardless of their ambition, we can taylor their weaving experience by offering different sessions. For more information or to book this level workshop, click here.

In the Level 2: Intro to Handweaving- Private Workshop, a student's knowledge of handweaving will guide the session. From planning a warp to designing and weaving samples, we help to guide students through each step in the weaving process. Student's can weave on their own loom (transportation permitting) or weave on one of our frame or hand looms, allowing them to focus on the skills needed to improve or develop their weaving. For more information or to book this level workshop, click here.

What’s included:

  • 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours (2 days) or 12 hours (2 days) hours tuition
  • Access to a dedicated Frame Loom or Hand Loom and all weaving equipment for the duration of the session (or bring your own)
  • Weaving notes as per the session

What is not included:

  • Lunch (you are free to bring your own or there are 2 wonderful options 10 metres from the studio)
  • Yarn (to be determined prior to or during the weaving session)
  • Accommodation (for 2 day workshops)

    Date: Contact us to arrange a date and time

    Class Size: Private Workshop