Private Workshop (one-to-one): Introduction to Hand-weaving [4 Hours]

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Private Workshop: Introduction to Hand-weaving

Learn to weave on a traditional hand loom using the equipment, tools, materials and processes necessary to create handwoven textiles in our one-to-one, Private Introduction to Hand-weaving workshop.

Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate

In this beginner-intermediate hand-weaving workshop students will discover the exciting craft discipline of handwoven textiles. From planning a warp to designing and weaving their first handwoven fabric, this workshop enables students to learn the necessary techniques and traditions of this age-old craft in a private setting.

In the 4 hour workshop you will be learning to weave on a traditional hand-loom. This semi-mechanical loom offers students the unique opportunity to explore the effects of different patterns, weaving techniques and materials with greater speed and detail than a frame loom. In this workshop we will demonstrate all the steps needed to go from cones of yarn to finished fabric, giving you a chance to try each step, before progressing onto a fully dressed loom where you will focus on how patterns are created. Choosing your own yarns from our large selection of materials you will then proceed to weave your very own handwoven textile. The woven fabric you weave will be yours to take home.

What’s included:

  • 4 hours tuition
  • Access to a dedicated Hand Loom and all weaving equipment
  • All yarns and materials
  • Introduction to hand-weaving instructions
  • Refreshments

Date: TBC

Time: TBC

Code: PHWW101

Duration: 4 Hours

Cost: 140.00

Class Size: Private, one-to-one