Forest Collection: 'Tendril' Lampshade

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The first lampshade in our series of new designs from our Forest collection, the 'Tendril' lampshade was inspired by the movement of plants as they curl during periods of growth. Using a delicate blend of soft merino and beautifully textured blue-faced leicester wool roving, our 'Tendril' lampshade also features our popular fringe detail.

This dramatic lampshade would work well in both rustic and contemporary spaces, adding warmth, texture and drama. The unique, random stripe pattern of the wool roving combines well with the lighter texture between rows, allowing light to pass through when lit. The fringe detail also showers nearby surfaces with a wonderfully textured pattern.

Each unique lampshade is carefully handwoven in our Oxford studio using only the finest materials. The lampshade begins with a warp of clear monofilament to create a transparent backdrop for the wool, cotton and linen yarn mixes and the earthy colours of merino and blue-faced leicester wool roving that wrap themselves around the warp threads. Working with two types of wool roving means we balance the texture of the un-dyed blue-faced leicester with the creamy softness of the merino. Once woven, we assemble the lampshade in our Oxford studio and finish it with a hand stitching to our exacting standards.

Our 'Tendril' lampshade is 100% handwoven with earthy colours and textures. Inspired by the natural world, this collection interprets the movements, behaviours, textures and colours of the plants, creatures and mini-beasts found amongst the trees and on the forest floor. This evolving collection contains handwoven pieces that have their own unique colours, textures, patterns and finish which you can specify.

Each step in our process reflects our commitment to craftsmanship and time-honoured weaving traditions. We also believe in sourcing all our materials from within the UK to minimise our carbon footprint and use natural fibres whenever possible as we aim to cultivate a more sustainable practice.

Please note: Products are made-to-order with a lead time of 8 weeks, however on occasion we may carry your product in stock. We will contact you if this case to arrange delivery.

Materials: 40% Premium Merino Wool & 40% Un-dyed Blue-Faced Leicester Wool, 5% Monofilament, 3% Natural Cotton and 2% Linen

Colour: Green, Neutrals & Green Mix

Size: 40cm drum pictured. Varies depending on clients requirements

Product Care Guidelines

NOTE: In addition to the current collection of handwoven Brittany cushions, throws, scarves and lampshades we offer clients the opportunity to commission their own handwoven pieces using their own unique combination of colours and finishes. Please visit our Commissions or contact page for enquiries.