Our Design Philosophy


Our philosophy is to design and weave inspired handwoven textiles that embody quality craftsmanship.

Our unique approach to designing and handweaving textiles is led by our passion and curiosity for both the traditional and innovative techniques and materials of a variety of craft disciplines. By exploring how different craft techniques and materials can be combined or adapted we develop woven interpretations that blur boundaries between disciplines.

Our creative process begins loosely with a general subject we wish to explore. We then combine this visual information with a newly studied craft technique and/or research into an unexplored material. This leads to experimentation in 2D or 3D and further design development of woven prototypes that may ultimately become a part of our growing body of work.

Visual Information

We believe in gathering visual information in the form of original photography or sketches that will form the basis of our project. Documenting the natural world, architecture or cultural influences enables us to explore colour, pattern, shape, texture and structure.




When a project is materials driven, we explore the colour, texture, weight, handle and suitability of different materials often choosing materials that offer a connection with the visual research and a new craft technique we have learned. We often end up with 'happy accidents' as this experimental process often unearths exciting, original combinations.










Craft Techniques

When a body of work is driven by a curiosity in a craft skill or technique, we explore and learn traditional craft processes such as basket-weaving, tapestry weaving, knotting, felting and techniques from other craft disciplines. We then adapt those processes through experimentation using our dobby loom or off loom techniques and aim to overcome any technical restrictions or challenges before the project becomes a product in our collections.