West Coast Collection: 'Flow' Throw

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The 'Flow' throw is inspired by the gentle flow of water through the rivers of Pacific Canada. Using merino wool roving offcuts from our larger projects, we have hand-spun the waste fibres to create a new yarn that is then handwoven into the design to create this gentle flowing pattern.

Each design in our West Coast Collection features a unique blend of lustrous cotton and finely spun merino wool which are chosen to add depth of colour and texture. Our distinctive style also features wool roving that is specially blended to our specification which ensures a rich combination of fibres and colours. When combined, these natural materials create soft, lightweight and functional textiles that will soften any interior.

This unique collection includes hand-spinning our own waste fibres to create new yarns, re-purposing our own offcuts to craft new materials and choosing designs that cannot be mill-woven, reflecting our commitment to craftsmanship, time-honoured weaving traditions and cultivating an increasingly sustainable practice.

Throws: 100% Handwoven throw featuring hand-spun yarn from 'waste' fibres, hand-sewn blanket stitch finish.

Materials: 30% Merino wool roving, 35% Merino lambswool, 35% mercerised cotton.

Colour: Varigated w/ Bright West Coast hand-spun yarn

Size: 95cm x 200cm

Product Care Guidelines

Commissions: Each of our products are made-to-order. If you love this pattern or wish to select the colours to match your own interior setting, we would be delighted to work with you to create something special. Please get in touch via our contact page for enquiries.