Bespoke Textile Design Services

At Cassandra Sabo Designs we strive to offer clients and design professionals an exceptional bespoke textile design service covering interiors, fashion and lighting. Using our specialist knowledge of handwoven textiles and our unique approach to design that combines traditional craft techniques with natural and innovative materials, we aim to interpret a client's vision and deliver them high-quality, luxury products and textiles.

Working from our new, larger Oxford-based studio at Makespace Oxford in Jericho, we are able to offer clients and design professionals an inspiring visit to our working studio-showroom. With a growing collection of looms to handle different clients needs, new materials and yarns on display and our latest products available to purchase, visits can now be arranged to discuss your needs (by appointment only).

We currently offer 3 levels of design services:

Level 1:

Hand weave an existing product and/or design using a standard warp colour, with minor weft colour changes to suit your interior setting

Level 2:

Hand weave an existing product and/or design, adapting warp and weft colours to suit your interior setting

Level 3:

Bespoke product and/or design offering complete scope to adapt the product, size, pattern, including all warp and weft colours to suit your interior setting

As we are a small, handweaving studio, we can control every aspect of the project, from your choice of warp yarn to the finishing blanket stitches and backing colours of cushions. With each level of service, we aim to offer a clear and concise content and pricing structure. This will enable all parties to focus on what we all want: beautiful, quality, handwoven products and textiles.

To discuss our products and services, please contact us at