Combining traditional techniques and unusual materials to create inspirational textiles.

Our original design process begins with a research trip to explore the natural world, architecture or other cultural influences. We travel the world photographing and documenting colour, pattern, shape, texture and structure, occasionally learning a new craft. Working from our design studio in Oxford, we then assemble our research and explore suitable techniques and materials to create an outline for our newest collection.

When a body of work is driven by technique, we explore and learn traditional craft processes such as basket-weaving, tapestry weaving, knotting, felting and other craft disciplines. We then adapt those processes by overcoming any technical restrictions and combine them with new or familiar materials to be woven on our 'Dobby' loom.

When our work is materials driven, we explore the colour, texture, weight, handle and suitability of different materials to see how they respond to the research and the intended techniques. We often end up with 'happy accidents' as this experimental process often unearths exciting, original combinations that are truly unique to us!