The Oxford Frame Loom Pre-Launch!

The Oxford Frame Loom is the most practical weaving frame loom on the market. Designed for beginner and advanced weavers, this frame loom helps you to explore your style of weaving by accessing the unique design features at each stage of your development as a weaver. From basic tapestry weaving to double-cloth hand-weaving, this frame loom has it all!

Pre-Order The Oxford Frame Loom

We are currently offering a pre-order of The Oxford Frame Loom and its coordinating weaving accessories at a special introductory price. Pricing for the pre-order is incredibly competitive and there is limited product availability at this price.

You can purchase The Oxford Frame Loom over on our weaving workshop and supplies website, here.

The looms are being crafted by local furniture design duo Lula James, so delivery of the pre-order is currently expected for mid June. Please bear this in mind when making your purchase.

The Oxford Frame Loom is available in 2 sizes, Medium and X-Large. We have created a prototype of the Medium loom with all the features as seen in our photos. The X-Large loom will have the same features and design as the Medium loom, with the exception of additional channels on the side frames to re-position the heddle bar in the middle of the frame and an overall square shape. Current photos of the X-Large loom shown are for scale and illustration purposes only.

Available in 2 sizes:

Medium Frame Loom size (prototype pictured- delivery mid June)

  • Overall dimensions: 30cm x 37cm
  • Weaving width: 25cm x 32cm
  • Available with an optional Heddle Bar
  • Available with optional Medium Weaving Tool Set (Beech or Rainbow Colours)
  • Ideal for weaving smaller or longer projects like coasters, lavender sachets, jewellery, medium wall-hangings, scarves and small lampshades
  • Loom best suited to weaving on the table, on your lap or vertically with clamps (purchased separately)

X-Large Frame Loom size (similar design to Medium prototype, with a square shape and additional channel in middle of the loom to re-position heddle bar - delivery mid June)

  • Overall dimensions: 56cm x 56cm (current design shown for scale,  50cm x 63cm)
  • Weaving width: 51cm x 51cm (current design shown for scale, 45cm x 58cm)
  • Available with an optional Heddle Bar
  • Available with an optional Loom Stand (not shown)
  • Available with optional X-Large Weaving Tool Set (Beech or Rainbow colours)
  • Ideal for weaving larger and longer projects like cushions, throws, wraps, lampshades and larger wall-hangings
  • Loom best suited to weaving on the table, your lap, stood up at an angle with the optional loom stand or vertically with clamps (purchased separately)

Exciting New Features for The Oxford Frame Loom

New, Double Sided Heddle Bars

  • Weave 2 projects at the same time
  • Set the loom up to weave Double Cloth designs (ie. vertical or horizontal pockets, pleats, extra warps etc)
  • Weave 2 sides of a project simultaneously (ie. X-mas stockings, pouches, lavender sachets, cushions)
  • Deep and wide grooves where the warp sits are on both sides of the Heddle Bar, making it possible to wind on a longer warp or thicker yarns while maintaining tension
  • Add in a extra warp using the reverse side of the Heddle bar or adding an extra Heddle Bar (purchased separately)

New, Adjustable Heddle Bars

    • Adjust your warp tension by sliding the Heddle Bar up or down
    • Adjust your Heddle Bar to the lowest position to create smaller projects so as not to waste yarn
    • Add a 2nd Heddle Bar to tie in an extra warp of a different length, quality or thickness
    • Remove top or bottom Heddle Bars and position to weave longer projects using clamps (purchased separately) (think scarves, lampshades and plant pot holders)

    Versatile Heddle Bar with Spacing Options at 2, 4, 8 or 16 EPI  

      • Weave Tapestries using the 2 or 4 EPI (spacing between warp threads) to cover your warp with your weft yarn
      • Weave finer cloth when sett at 8 or 16 EPI (spacing between warp threads)
      • Save your project details and transfer your design to weave on a hand or floor loom as our loom sett works with traditional and contemporary commercial hand-weaving looms.

      Frame loom can be dis-assembled, transported and stored with ease

        • Dis-assemble the loom completely for easy storage and transportation
        • Handy clasp ring can be attached to the loom to store weaving tool set and wing nuts when not in use
        • Includes a small pouch to store wing nuts
        • Optional felt, storage pouch to protect the Heddle Bars when being stored

        Solid, Sustainable, Hardwood Design Constructed by local craftsmen Lula James

          • Premium quality construction by Lula James, local Oxfordshire furniture designers as seen on the BBC
          • The Oxford Loom features locally sourced solid Beech hardwood
          • Constructed of sustainable hard wood, with each piece chosen for its quality and strength
          • Natural Beech finish

          A Uniquely Designed Frame Loom where details matter

          • The raised warp on the front face makes it easier to insert your weaving tools as it clears the side frames.
          • Heddle Bars are reversible and can be flipped over on the reverse to raise the face of the woven project above the side frames for easier weaving
          • Smooth wood surface avoids snagging yarns
          • Heddle bar design ensures they sit snugly in the channels on the side frames to maintain even warp tension and a square shape when weaving so projects remain square
          • Easy to loosen and remove wing nuts when adjusting or re-positioning the Heddle Bars
          • A 2nd channel features midway on the large loom to re-position the Heddle Bar for smaller projects or adding in a third Heddle bar to maintain the weaving width more easily

          What's Included:

          1 x Medium or X-Large Frame Loom

          1 x Grey pouch for storing wing nuts when disassembled

          Optional Accessories:

          • Extra Heddle Bar (Medium): 1 x {2 cm x 37 cm}
          • Extra Heddle Bar (X-Large): 1 x {2 cm x 56 cm}
          • Loom Stand (X-Large): 2 x {2 cm x 40cm}
          • Weaving Tool Set (Medium): Classic (Beech) or Rainbow(Acrylic) (1 x Shed stick, 1 x Shuttle, 2 x Needles, 1 x Comb, 1 x EPI Counter, 1 x Clasp Ring)
          • Weaving Tool Set (X-Large): Classic (Beech) or Rainbow (Acrylic) (1 x Shed stick, 1 x Shuttle, 2 x Needles, 1 x Comb, 1 x EPI Counter, 1 x Clasp Ring)

          Please Note: Both the Medium and X-Large Weaving Tools are available in Beech or one of 9 Rainbow colours. We will contact you to confirm your preferred option once you have placed your order.