West Coast Collection: Circle Art

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Each one-of-a-kind circular artwork is handwoven using hand-dyed and 'waste' yarns from my studio. Each textured ring is woven in circles, or features patterns inspired by salmon migration in West Coast Canada.

During lockdown back in March I re-kindled my love of hand-dyeing yarns to create new materials to weave with. Working with a palette of colours inspired by West Coast Canada and its historic salmon migration I created a range of bespoke yarns in blue, turquoise, green, orange and pink in wool roving, chunky merino, loops and merino yarns.

Connecting visual references for water swirling, rippling, rushing and creating rings in different bodies of water and working with a new circular form I combined the hand-dyed yarns with off-cuts of materials in my studio to weave original artworks. These artworks range in size from 20cm + and were the result of period of time where I re-explored the science and art of hand-dyeing.

The artworks range in size from 20cm and can be hung on the wall directly from the ring the hanging loop.


The circular art is available to purchase in colours matching your interior. Get in touch to discuss how I can create a similar artwork, hand-dyeing the yarns and weaving them into a size ring suitable for your home or office.